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Activity Check - Warning

Below is a list of all characters who did not participate in February's Activity Check, or who failed to pass. All characters listed below may be reclaimed at any time from now until 11:59pm EDT (GMT-4) on February 27th. To reclaim a character, reply to this post with the required AC; if you did not make your AC, you may request a second chance.

After February 27th, any characters below who do not get reclaimed will be considered dropped, removed from our Taken list, and open for others to app.

  • AC requirements are: One (1) OTA Log/EP, and two (2) threads in two separate logs made by another player or one (1) thread and (1) Personal Log that has been cross-linked to the main comm
  • Characters must be reclaimed by their player
    • If your character(s) met activity, please provide your proofs of AC
    • If your character(s) did not meet activity and you have extenuating circumstances, a second chance may be requested on the understanding you must meet activity during our next Activity Check
  • If you did participate in this month's Activity Check but there was an error with your submission, you need to correct that error to pass

For a full list of AC requirements and rules, please click here.

Characters who have been in the game less than three months may submit any TWO of the above proofs.

If you are on Hiatus, you are exempt from AC this week but will need to submit your proofs of activity when your hiatus is over (note: this only applies to players who filled out a hiatus request at the above link). Applicants from January and February are also exempt from AC this round.

  • Activity for this AC period should be from after July 27th. This means that all activity should be on logs/EPs dated after July 27th.

AC Errors:

Tenth Doctor [personal profile] thelasttimelord - tagouts are not at the required length- Fixed
Lacey Harwood [profile] satinstitch- 2nd proof not 15 comments.
T'Pol [personal profile] tpol - No open post
Siri Tachi [personal profile] neverlosemyfocus - both tags outs under 15 comments
Kevin "Wither" Ford [personal profile] southernreaper - No tag outs Fixed
Sariss [personal profile] dark_lady_sariss - No open post Fixed
Istini Ayesh Ni Hata Kan [personal profile] oneahn_ayesh - tag outs under 15 comments Fixed
Obi-Wan Kenobi [personal profile] beforethedarktimes - Incomplete - No tag outs
Kaylee Frye [personal profile] meimeimechanic - Incomplete - wrong link FIXED
Olan'atar [personal profile] hallowedarethefounders - No OTA/EP

Warning List:

Amanda Graystone [profile] briusednotbroken
Rygel [personal profile] heliumfart
SHODAN [personal profile] reborn_into_beauty
Andrew McKee [profile] just_stay_quiet
Marion Scotts [personal profile] didnotwant
Quark [personal profile] norefunds
Dr. Julian Bashir [personal profile] asklepian
Seven of Nine [personal profile] unkindness
Ziva David [personal profile] sabra
Doctor Carolyn Lam [personal profile] notdrfrasier
Inara Serra [personal profile] notquitegeisha
Shadow [personal profile] orions_shadow
Samantha Bowe [personal profile] immutablysam
Jacob Keyes [personal profile] anotherdeadhero
Mack Gerhardt [personal profile] notalwaysstrong
Carson Beckett [personal profile] atadiscoverer
Willard Decker [personal profile] decker_unit
Cole Turner [personal profile] demontobeloved
Samanosuke Akechi [personal profile] sealed_gauntlet
Inari Raith [personal profile] whitefoxkitten
Natasha "Tasha" Yar [personal profile] tasha_yar
Worf [personal profile] ridged
Hugh Cambridge [personal profile] chaotica
Christopher Pike [personal profile] whistles_loudly
The 11th Doctor [personal profile] madman_inabox
Lal [personal profile] usescontractions
Temperance Brennan [personal profile] uniquelyqualified
Hokuto Shijima [personal profile] constellar
Clara Oswald [personal profile] braveheart_clara

Currently Hiatused:

Amy Santiago [personal profile] makesbettermouth Ends 2/21/16
Amy Pond [personal profile] and_she_waitedEnds 2/25/16
Geordi La Forge [personal profile] mr_laforgeEnds 2/25/16
Guinan [personal profile] she_listensEnds 2/25/16
Jean-Luc Picard [personal profile] tea_earlgrey_hotEnds 2/25/16
John Crichton [personal profile] never_felt_betterEnds 2/25/16
Kate Barlow [personal profile] ikissdhimbckEnds 2/25/16
Pete Lattimer [personal profile] hey_heyheyEnds 2/25/16
Steve Rogers [personal profile] stark_spangledEnds 2/25/16
Ginny Weasley [personal profile] missginnytonic Ends 4/1/16

If you believe any part of our list has been made in error, or that we overlooked anything in the original Activity Check post, please respond here and let us know! If you believe a character on our list has the required activity, or that the player may have missed the original post, please tell them to get in contact with us as soon as possible to reclaim their character(s).

Basic Info

Jun. 16th, 2015 12:51 am
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So you're new to the game, the setting, or the Star Trek universe and you don't know where to begin? This is a quick and dirty primer to get you started (for more detailed information, you'll want to follow the links provided). If you'd like to request something for us to add, let us know here.
In-Game Info:
   ☆ The Story So Far
Setting (Star Trek) Info:
   ☆ The Enterprise
   ☆ Corridors, Doors, and Computers
   ☆ Turbolifts
   ☆ Replicators
   ☆ Holodecks
   ☆ PADDs
   ☆ Combadges
   ☆ Phasers
   ☆ Tricorders
   ☆ Hyposprays, Biobeds, and Scanners
   ☆ Alert Signal (Red Alerts)

The Story So Far )

The Setting )
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Here's a quick guide to getting started in [community profile] ten_fwd:
Where to begin )
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| FAQ | Taken Characters | Reserved Characters |

February 2016


Apps Open
12:00am EST (GMT-5)


IC: The Enterprise arrives at Pacifica


IC: Annie and Finnick's Wedding (player plot)


Apps Close
11:59pm EST (GMT-5)


IC: Year of the Monkey (Chinese New Year)


IC: Mardi Gras / Pancake Tuesday!


IC: Valentine's Weekend Blind Dating Event: 02/12 - 02/14


NEW Test Drive Meme
in [community profile] ten_fwd_meme


ACTIVITY CHECK: 02/14 - 02/20


The Heart Meter Meme
in [community profile] ten_fwd_meme

ATP: Wanted List / Requests
in [community profile] ten_fwd_ooc


IC: The Enterprise leaves Pacifica

Reserves Open


IC: Pacifica Plant Plot ends with a party post




NEW Plotting / CR Meme
in [community profile] ten_fwd_ooc


in [community profile] ten_fwd_ooc


IC: NEW School Post for Classes on the Enterprise

March Plot Round-Up
Log Swap Meet

in [community profile] ten_fwd_ooc

Reserves Close
11:59pm EST (GMT-5)

Monthly Event: Pacifica and Valentine's Shenanigans
The Enterprise docks at Pacifica, a beautiful ocean planet known for warm blue waters and fine white beaches. While the ship's mission is one of scientific study and diplomatic relations, the civilians are free to explore the planet... including its strange flora. Some passengers may notice they feel strange, happier, more affectionate, and that only spreads to the ship once this plantlife is brought aboard... Details are HERE.

Monthly Meme: The Heart Meter Meme
There are only two rules: give and receive hearts from other characters, and be honest about your feelings... Meme is TBA.

Important Dates:
A list of some reoccurring important dates (IC and OOC) for the comm can be located HERE.

Q is looking for more individuals to bring aboard the Enterprise, much to the chagrin of Picard and his crew. The mods are looking forward to reading your apps. Have a look at the frequently asked questions and submit your app HERE.

We welcome reserves for characters prior to the app period. Feel free to reserve your character HERE. You may reserve a maximum of two characters per month.

Round-Ups and Swap Meets:
Our monthly game/event round-up serves as an overview of events that happened in the game over the previous month. If players would like to contribute what their characters were up to during those events, they can do so in the comments HERE. Our OOC "Log Swap Meet" serves the purpose of advertising posts that are still open for new tags. Players can comment with a link to a post they'd like more tag-ins on, and after they have done so they must then browse posts other players have linked and choose one or more to tag. Details are HERE.
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A few important dates for Ten Forward:

[ OOC ]

  • APPS run: the first week of every month, unless otherwise specified

  • RESERVES run: a full two weeks prior to apps opening

  • ACTIVITY CHECKS run: the second Sunday of January and July, and are open for one week

  • MONTHLY CHECK-INs run: the first of every month (concurrent with apps opening and closing), and are open for one week

  • ATP goes up: the second to last Saturday of every month

  • TEST DRIVE MEMES go up: the third to last Saturday of every month

  • MONTHLY PLOTTING/CR MEMES go up: the last Monday of the month

  • ATP WANTED LISTS/REQUESTS go up: the Monday before ATP opens in the OOC comm

  • MONTHLY ROUND-UPS go up: the last day of every month in the OOC comm

  • LOG SWAP MEETS go up: the last day of every month in the OOC comm

  • HANDWAVING MEMES go up: quarterly in January, April, July, and October in the Meme comm

  • HOW'S MY DRIVING? MEMES go up: bi-annually each AC period in January and July in the Meme comm

[ IC ]

  • IN-GAME DATE: In-game, the year is 2368 and the month and date coincide with real time

  • STARDATES: Stardates are a measure of time in the Star Trek universe that can be calculated here (IE: if the date is December 24th, 2366, then the stardate is 43978.2)

  • SICKBAY CHECKUPS: A sickbay log will go up the first Friday after apps are processed, unless otherwise stated

  • ROOM ASSIGNMENTS/MIXER: Characters will be assigned rooms and roommates and an IC log will go up the first Sunday after apps are processed, unless otherwise stated

  • COUNSELING SESSIONS: A log for IC sessions with the staff counselors will go up the first Wednesday after the sickbay and rooming logs, unless otherwise stated

  • SCHOOLING AND CLASSES: Currently the schedule for IC classes is TBA
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The best way to contact one of your friendly neighborhood mods is through one of the mediums listed on the community profile page. These are our preferred mediums, which means you'll get a faster response. However, we want you to contact any of us in the easiest and most comfortable way for you, so we're happy to make ourselves available in a variety of ways. We're here to help, after all!

And we are:

Beth (Murgy)
journal: [personal profile] murgy31
email: tenforward.beth@gmail.com
plurk: [plurk.com profile] Murgy
AIM: bmurg13

journal: none
email: tenforward.emma@gmail.com
plurk: [plurk.com profile] weevilqueen
AIM: brinkofgenius

journal: [personal profile] greystreetgabby
email: tenforward.gabby@gmail.com
plurk: [plurk.com profile] gabbynormal
AIM: gabby.normal
twitter: [twitter.com profile] greystmagpie

journal: [personal profile] thisisnotajournal
email: tenforward.jack@gmail.com
plurk: [plurk.com profile] TheMightySpazz
AIM: TheMightySpazz

journal: [personal profile] kippurbird
email: kippur.ten.forward@gmail.com
plurk: [plurk.com profile] kippur
AIM: kippurbirdy

The best way of reaching us as a group is by using the mod e-mail, tenforwardmods [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also leave a comment for any of us here, and we'll reply as soon as possible! All comments will be screened to protect your privacy.

We also have a game plurk, [plurk.com profile] ten_fwd, if you're looking for updates and news about the game. If you'd like to suggest changes or additions to the game, our Suggestion Box is open to members of the OOC community.
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Got ideas for Ten Forward? Looking to increase your activity, or help out with running game events? Perhaps you would consider volunteering with us.

Use the form below, or tell us in the comments how you'd like to volunteer:

Please also check out our Suggestion Box if there's anything we can do to make Ten Forward a better game for you.

- The Mods
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The Enterprise is a Galaxy-class Starship that serves not only as a home to many passengers, but as a place where they can work, go to school, and explore new interests and hobbies. Below is a list of employment opportunities, both full-time (Enterprise-based), and freelance/part-time (starbase and planet-based).

Before a character can seek employment, they must be on the Enterprise for at least 30 days. Both civilian and crew positions are offered, though the latter comes with IC vetting to ensure the character has the Enterprise's best interests at heart.

New job creation is welcome and encouraged, and as new positions and employees are added this post will be updated to reflect that. If your character wishes to establish their own business, be that within the Enterprise's massive concourse or on a planet that is in friendly trade with the Federation, fill out the following form in a comment to this post.

For all other positions, see below.

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When your character is ported onto the Enterprise, he, she or zie will be given quarters that they share with another character. These characters will be assigned randomly to rooms, with the exception of special cases, such as in-game/on-board married couples and children and their guardians.

The mods will assign rooms and roommates shortly after each app period. Quarterly, we will open the option to "reshuffle" rooms in case two roommates just do not get along, characters get married or have children, or to allow for more CR opportunities. Reshuffling will be optional.

The Enterprise is a Galaxy-class starship, which is divided into 42 decks. Quarters are typically found on Decks 7, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, and 32. For a full listing of these decks and how they are divided, see: Memory Alpha: Galaxy Class Decks.

Without further ado, important rooming information is as follows:

Rooms, roommates, and important facilities )
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For those unfamiliar with the Star Trek universe, the setting can seem overwhelming. Not to fear! Ten Forward is a relaxed game where no player will be expected to know all the ins and outs of the universe. To make you feel a little more at home, we've provided a few helpful maps, images, and write-ups about the places your characters may be frequenting.

** If you'd like us to add information about somewhere in particular, leave us a comment here and we'll update this page accordingly! **

| USS Enterprise-D | Ten Forward Lounge | Quarters |

Click on images for larger versions.

Read more... )
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| taken characters | reserved characters | dropped characters |

If you need to drop a character - or the game entirely - we'll miss you, but we understand. Please fill out the following information and leave it in a comment on this post. We'll remove your character(s) from the taken list, and adjust your player status accordingly.

Please fill out the following information:

*If a character you had substantial interactions with has been dropped from the game, and you would like to request any re-applicants contact you prior to submitting an application, leave a comment here and we will make a note of it. See the FAQ for more details.

(Alphabetical by series then character's first name.)


Expand list, or use alphabetical links )
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If you need to take a hiatus for any reason, please comment to this entry with the following information. Please note: the maximum length of a hiatus is six months, though we'd prefer you take less time, if possible.

The mods will check in with you two weeks before your hiatus period expires. Please note that if you do not return from your hiatus within the amount of time requested, your character is subject to being removed from the taken list.

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| taken characters | reserved characters | dropped characters |

To reserve a character at [community profile] ten_fwd, copy and paste the following text into a comment to this entry. Please refer to [community profile] ten_fwd_ooc for additional information on when reserves open and close for the month.

*** )
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| taken characters | reserved characters | dropped characters |

The following characters are taken, and not available for application at [community profile] ten_fwd at the current time. Please leave a comment with the following information to be added to the character cast list:

*** )
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How To Apply to Join Ten Forward )

You MUST complete all these steps for your application to be approved.
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If you're new to Ten Forward, please peruse our FAQ for extended rules and guidelines before apping. Failure to adhere to game rules can result in your removal from the game, so if you have any questions, get your answers now.

Frequently Asked Questions/Extended Rules )
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